Oil Painting Classes

In January, I finally started something I wanted to do for a while : taking painting classes. Other than some water color classes when I was a lot younger, I never really learned how to use traditional medium like oil paint.
The class is at George Brown College on Sundays and here's my first "completed" painting.
(I am not counting the very first painting that I never really finished since I missed a class when I was snowboarding for a weekend at Blue Mountain.)

So, considering that I didn't choose the subject, I didn't place the objects to make a pretty composition and I had 3 classes to do the full painting (a total of about 9 hours) I'm pretty happy with the result.
Hopefully the next ones are going to be way better, but : YAY! FIRST PAINTING! :D

1 commentaire:

  1. Oh nice!!!! cé un bon début!
    cé cool que t'essaie un medium traditionnel! :D
    chu fier de toi!