L'abeille et la grenouille

Little illustration that I did based on old sketches.


Jobboom - avril

The Cegep du Vieux Montreal used an image of "Les Acolytes" for a publicity in the April issue Jobboom magazine. Yay!


Sculpture - finished and painted

I finally finished my sculpture and gave it to my familly. I'm not sure it was the best idea to paint it, but still, I'm happy with the result.

My brother named her Mochaccina. :)


Sculpey.... wip 01

I started working on this sculpey project last weekend. It's pretty experimental (since I don't have a lot of experience with sculpting... ). I still have to do the eyes and fix a few details that are bugging me right now. She's kind of a coffee godess.


This is a caricature of Evan I did for a caricature show at work.

Voici une caricature d'Evan que j'ai fait pour la job.


WIP - - - Olivia's scooter

... and here's Olivia's scooter.
textures coming soon.

WIP - - - Olivia and helmet

So here's a textured version of my character, Olivia. She now has a helmet, because she will have a scooter soon (it's modeled but not textures yet...) I might still make a few tweaks on her, once I'll have everything put together (scooter, proper lighting.... bg maybe)
Comments and critics are very welcome.

...Alors voila Olivia texturée. Elle a maintenant un casque pour son scooter.



Quelques sketches dans mon cahier de notes. Certains sont plus vieux que d'autres. Excusez la résolution.... ils sont photographiés étant donné que je n'ai pas de scanner en ce moment.

Here are a few sketches done here and there in my notebook...