Had a bit of free time.... ;)


Ok.... now I'm starting to get Zbrush, hehe. :)

But still so many functionalities to discover.... ;)


Other small projects I worked on...

Here a few images from projects I worked on at Starz Animation Toronto (Now known as Arc Productions). You can go on their website to know more about those productions.


These images are from a short called "Snack Attack" I textured the Granny, did her hair and textured most of the sets.

And this one is from a Starz Shortz production called "Lovebirds". I Textured and did the fur on the big bird (the one showing his muscles ;)) and I did the flowers and foliage integrated to the live action plate.


A few stills from Gnomeo and Juliet are now available at this link :


I did those dead dandelions that Featherstone is blowing.

I textured the leaf bushes behind Gnomeo and Juliet as well as the branch they walk on in the second frame. It doesn't seem like they rendered the branch with the displacement, but oh well...

And I also did the wisteria tree... this is the destroyed version.